Burned Out

Burned Out is the comedic story of an office worker who makes the decision to take his recently orphaned godson on his annual cross-country trip to the Burning Man festival in Nevada.


Stuck in a joyless job and a passionless relationship, Evan Turner counts down the days to the only thing he really loves: the annual Burning Man Festival in Black Rock, Nevada. His plans are complicated when he learns that his college roommate and his wife have suddenly died in a car accident, leaving Stanley, Evan’s seven-year-old Godson, in his care. Throwing caution to the wind, Evan takes Stanley with him on his cross-country trip to the festival. On the road they meet a series of strange characters, including burned out rocker, Chet Fleischer, who joins them on their journey. All the while, agents Cash and Ripman of child protective services are in hot pursuit of the impulsive Evan and his godson, fearing for the boy’s safety.

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