Coffin Bone

Former jockey Maggie Atherton and a small group of friends are forced to save her hometown when a mysterious and sinister horse owner uses a homemade serum to control minds and create a loyal cult hell-bent on carrying out his wicked bidding.


Receiving career ending injuries after being thrown from her horse in a Florida race, former jockey Maggie Atherton decides to return to her Pacific Northwest hometown, hoping to transition into racehorse training. Meanwhile, Henry Masterson, a nefarious yet charismatic owner and trainer living in Maggie’s childhood home works tirelessly to develop a doping serum that is untraceable in drug tests. Henry hits paydirt when he develops a serum that not only turns his horses into beastly unstoppable running machines, but also turns human beings into mutated cultists who worship him as a God. With the police department completely overrun by the resulting crime wave it’s up to Maggie and her motley crew of friends to stop the vile horrors Henry has created.