The Walking Dead

A spec script for ‘The Walking Dead’ TV series, that follows Glenn’s journey leading up to and during the day of the Global Outbreak.


A tattered pizza box on the side of the road brings back memories for Glenn of the outbreak’s first few days when he was still a delivery boy in Atlanta. On that day when people began devolving into flesh-hungry fiends, Glenn is forced to kill his newly zombified boss and takes to the rooftops, finding it to be the safest locale. Glenn rescues a beautiful woman named Ellen, who insists on searching for her parents in the city’s suburbs, but their rooftop quest is derailed when the two are taken hostage by an armed group of looters. Glenn manages to escape the psychopaths with his life, but Ellen is not so lucky. Returning to Atlanta, Glenn encounters Lori, Shane, and Carl, giving them sanctuary in the abandoned pizza parlor and regaining a renewed purpose in life.

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